Friday, August 9, 2013

Review: Finding Colin Firth By: Mia March

Finding Colin FirthFinding Colin Firth by Mia March
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok, I am a hopeless romantic and who better than to epitomize that image than Colin Firth. A book set in small town Boothbay Harbor Maine awaiting the arrival of Colin Firth on set is the backdrop of a story of three women- their lives, hopes, dreams, fears, and the innerweaving of the people they meet.
Gemma Hendricks has disappeared for a week or two from her husband, her in-laws, and life in the city (which has been the arguments within her marriage). Since being fired, she has been searching for anything other than a meddling mother in law that has designs to pull her from the city to live next door in the suburbs. While visiting friends, Gemma has found work at the local/regional newspaper doing a feature story on Hope Home and the lives that have been affected while dealing with her own issues of a pink plus sign.
Bea Crane lost her mother a year ago, only to have a letter to open filled with a deathbed confession - that she was adopted. With nothing holding her in Boston and the name and address of her biological mother, she makes her way to a little town in Maine. Filled with more questions than answers and en route of discovering not just where she came from but where she is going to and what is possible.
Veronica Russo left town as unwed pregnant 16 year old. Her family had turned their back as she walked through the door of Hope Home and delivered a baby girl that has haunted her all these years later. She has run from the memory, from the town, until a whisper brought her back. She has made her living baking special pies and building the wall around her heart -- that is until the phone rings.
A wonderful story that leaves the reader wishing for more simply to stay in the pages and with the characters - You won't go wrong picking this up, this one I guarantee you will reach to read again and again.

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