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Review: The Awakening Of The Goddesses The Balance By: Morgan Shores

The Balance: The Awakening of The GoddessesThe Balance: The Awakening of The Goddesses by Morgan Shores
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A legend of two sisters, one the Goddess of Light, one the Goddess of Shadow, separated through time and distance. The story of a betrayal between the soul mate of Goddess of Shadow harming all, twisting all to gain more, even destroying his brother the soul mate the Goddess of Light.
The waiting is over. Lilith Nolan and Sophia Moore have reached their twenty fifth birthdays and they have awakened. So have their soul mates - for good and evil. This is a fight for the balance of the world. So many people, so many light keepers and workers, and so many secrets.
It begins with the reoccurring dream and the introduction of Lilith, a detective on the Galveston Police Force. Something strange is in the air - I am reminded of something wicked this way blows - and soon she is introduced to Sophia. They are brought together a few times and the group they know seems very familiar to each, they both receive a rare amulet passed down in each family as a present as a gift.
At this time Sophia meets and is immediately attracted to Ceron Murray - who has quite a reputation. Shadows and darkness begin to plot and make their moves for time is essential. Some crime scenes are so strange there seems to to immediate cremation of bodies at the scene, bringing Lilith in contact with a Samuel Duffy whom she has a visceral reaction to. All is revealed as the Goddesses are awakened and there is only one that has the power in their hands and has to make the choice - to bring balance back.

I liked this book, I found the tale interesting and the characters well developed. I think I really wanted more - more action, more interactions - but I think I will be getting more with another book in this series. I feel the need to warn some, that like GRRM, Shores does not fear messing with a reader a getting rid of a beloved character, but at least it's not gruesome.

*****This is a First Reads, Thank You Goodreads*****

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Review: Garden Spells By: Sarah Addison Allen

Garden SpellsGarden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the one that started it all and will make a reader fall in love with Ms. Allen - her writing, her stories, and simply the world that we fall into as we turn page one.
Bascom, North Carolina is a small town with legends of sorts, the Waverley family is the source if quite a few of them, their garden is definitely one of them. Claire Waverley embraced cooking from her garden, learning from her grandmother the messages the herbs and flowers could give. She even has understood the boundary between her and the town, what she doesn't understand is her attractive new neighbor and her sister sudden reappearance with a niece in tow after leaving ten years ago. Sydney Waverley brings with her a lot of wounds that Claire wasn't ready to deal with and some women in town still find her a threat. What Sydney has left behind to come back is even more dangerous than gossip or the apple tree out back and what she is hoping for can scare her even more - a happy life for her and her daughter.
Healing and magic, relationships and growth, all come into the picture. When you enter this book you will be spellbound and not want to leave. Wonderfully written and so enjoyable that you will want to revisit this world and feeling again and again.

*****This is a First Reads, Thank You Goodreads*****

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Review: Dr Who The Crawling Terror By: Mike Tucker

Keep the Dr Fix Going and The Creepy Crawlies Away

Review: Dr Who The Crawling Terror  By: Mike Tucker                4.5/5

When the TARDIS brings Clara and The Doctor to Wiltshire nothing at first seems out of the ordinary, that is until 1. the strange readings on the ley lines and 2. the giant web with a human body in it. Soon it becomes clear exactly why they are there, giant beetles, mosquitoes, spiders, and ants - all that are acting with some form of military tactics and taking over the town and the town people, turning them zombie like and manipulated.
There is a history to this quiet little town and the Doctor has been here before. A message was received from space and Great Britain and the Nazis were in a race to achieve it's capabilites, not knowing exactly what it was opening. A teleport device to allow the dangerous race of Wyrresters (scorpions) through. Only a few survived.
Unfortunately, one survivor has found another way to make it possible to bring the Wyrresters to Earth, and now only one man can stop him - The Doctor.

I hate creepy crawlies. I have a horrid fear of the weird facts that I eat spiders in my sleep throughout my lifetime. But all these fears did not dissuade me from picking up this book and go through an amazing adventure with The Doctor. It was fast paced, had my heart beating and racing, also held elements that had me wondering about truth in legends - ie Die Glocke, Brad Meltzer Decoded style - which is wonderful. It is time to get a Who fix before the Christmas special, pick up a book, you won't be let down.

I received this book from Blogging for Books.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: The Sugar Queen By: Sarah Addison Allen

The Sugar QueenThe Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Josey Cirrini has been isolated from the town her deceased father put on the map. She has been caring for her mother, making up for her actions as a child, and hiding away. It comes as a surprise when Della Lee Baker appears in her room and is looking to hide away, in none other than Josey's secret closet (a closet filled with treats and romance novels, secreted away from the world and especially her mother). Reluctantly she agrees and finds a something in Della which leads her to finding out more about herself and gaining some much needed self confidence, she also picks up a friend along the way.
Magic fills the pages as only Ms. Allen can write, creating characters and a storyline that might suspend your disbelief, and have you wrapped and wanting to be embraced into the pages.
There is some twists, a bit of mystery, some romance, and as always hope and magic. This is a sweet (pun and true) novel to lose yourself in, but warning -- you will be dazed afterward, looking for that buzz again.

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Review: Horns By: Joe Hill

HornsHorns by Joe Hill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ignatius Perrish awakes on the anniversary of the murder of his love Merrin with horns.
He knows he went to the site last night and from there things get hazy. There is something strange about them - the fact that people forget that they are there - the fact they tell him their darkest thoughts - or how about the fact people ask him about whether doing dark deeds will be a good idea and ask permission.
This leads Ig on a journey into the darkness within to find out what happened to Merrin, to search for her killer. As he searches, he creeps into the deepest darkest recesses of the people around him and finds things that he wished he never did. The pursuit is on and embracing what he has become and the power that it wields is the only way he can begin to seek out the revenge that is due. There is no turning back.
This is a dark tale of revenge filled with humor and the wanderings of the inner workings of those all around us. I found this book so delicious, I devoured the book in one sitting refusing to put it down.

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Review: Contaminated By: Em Garner

ContaminatedContaminated by Em Garner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is 3.5 stars

Velvet Ellis is surviving, trying to care for her sister Opal and searching for her mother in the containment kennels. An epidemic causing almost zombie behavior arose from drinking a contaminated diet drink called ThinPro. Their father was immediately hit, the anger, the madness, and then one afternoon while he was at work, he became one of the many that attacked and was never seen again.
Velvet held out hope. Her mother never drank that much, protected them when she began to see the symptoms coming on. When Velvet finally finds her mother in a kennel, the government collar has been placed around her neck to help prevent any anger outbursts or attacks. Unfortunately, not many people understand why she would even want her mother back, afterall her mother isn't at all what she used to be, she is a "Connie" or a monster.
Opal, Velvet's sister, is the one that opens the door to all that their mother is capable of. Soon, their mother hums, begins cleaning, even shows signs of worry. Velvet knows that despite what they have been told - their mother is coming back to them. It is at this point that the government has placed an order to destroy all "Connies", even those with the collar, they have become too dangerous. In minutes they will be at the door and the collar will have to come off and her mother will have to speak, something she hasn't done in some time - can she do it?

There is a beginning of a teen romance story within the story the helps add to the storyline and the buildup of the characters. I found the actual story really intense. Within the pages the reader will experience the isolation, abandonment, fear, need to connect, only to then have the bigotry and another fear takes it's place. Velvet is a survivor running on adrenaline fighting for her family. I found the concept of ThinPro very unique and believe that there is a link between them and the government -- but this is the first in a series and I will have to find out.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Last Train to Babylon By:Charlee Fam

Last Train to Babylon: A NovelLast Train to Babylon: A Novel by Charlee Fam
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Aubrey Glass has returned home to Rachel's funeral. Rachel did it, she committed suicide, even though it is Aubrey that has the nicely composed letters each year filed away, waiting. Even though it was Rachel that helped all those years ago pour salt into a wound that never should have happened, being that she was supposedly Aubrey's best friend.
Aubrey was forced into a situation years ago and now she is being forced into going back home to Rachel's funeral - she is being forced to deal with the past. She has to go back to where it all happened to finally begin to heal.
How complex the relationship between females as we grow, how protective in our minds we can be given some circumstances beyond our control, and how some actions continue a cycle in our lives.
This was an amazingly honest portrayal of a broken human being. I found the story flowed, the character development beautifully raw and engaging. There is something tragically hopeful about it. The internal dialogue and POV - this is the beginning of a very talented author.

Now, I would be remiss if I did not warn you that this book may contain triggers for those that have experienced rape. The author tackles this in a very real way throughout the book.

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