Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review: Right For A Reason By: Miriam Weaver and Amy Jo Clark

Right for a Reason: Life, Liberty, and a Crapload of Common SenseRight for a Reason: Life, Liberty, and a Crapload of Common Sense by Miriam Weaver
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*****This is a First Reads, Thank You Goodreads*****

Miriam Weaver and Amy Jo Clark have been doing a blog "Chicks on the Right" since 2009, they also have a radio show, and a newspaper column - and a fan - me. For years I have read, listened, commented with these amazing women. Do they make you think, discuss, hold a little debate with family, friends, even within yourself - at exactly what it is that you stand for and why - and what is it that you are willing to battle for. Sometimes there is a deeper battle that you need to look at, stop wasting your time with the secondary that has been placed as the fundamental. A house divided will fall. As conservatives, we have to stop playing into the hands of playing against each other, get with a program.
The book touches on some of the important basics that we all should find focus on and not allow the rights of the land only to hold for the few. The First Amendment for one, is for all - not just for the use of liberals. The Second Amendment being attacked looking at objects doing crimes, not the people - what is the root cause. There is a need for personal responsibility (the government is being promoted as a sugar daddy to live off of and is a generational issue), the hypersexualization of role models, rather then finding solutions the promoting of victimhood and race obsession has fractured society. As liberals claim to be feminists, exactly who are the ones calling who the ugly names on social media and in front of the cameras, and in the papers - who is truly empowering who here.
The subjects range, the personal stories are heartfelt, but throughout there is thought provoking commentary asking for just plain old common sense.

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