Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Memories of Murder By: Lara Nance

Memories of MurderMemories of Murder by Lara Nance
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Maeve has bound herself from using the witchcraft that saved her in an attack, she has picked up and moved away - hiding herself in a small town with deep, dark secrets that seem not to want to rest. In her new job as a nurse practicioner at the retirement home she is immediately greeted with a falling body of one of the patients. The new sheriff in town, Paul has been assigned the case and sparks begin to fly (as each is growing from their past). Maeve's mother and aunts come to Rolling Gap because of the signs and visions they bein to recieve, believing the danger lurking is more powerful than one can fight. When the dead are unrested and the evil that lurks grows can Maeve, Paul, and her family fight the darkness and bring light to those that need it?

I could not put this down, wonderfully written, with twists, turns, a supernatural plot added in - I became fearful with each passing chapter and found the ending fulfilling. The characters jumped off the pages, secondary characters being very colorful and vivid you can't help but find them endearing.

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