Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review: Overbite by: Meg Cabot

Overbite (Insatiable, #2)Overbite by Meg Cabot

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Meena Harper is back in the sequel to Insatiable. Months have gone by since the St. George incident and The Palatine is hunting the elusive Lucien, who seems to have disappeared or have gone underground, but not too far from Meena. Enter a new set of killers that set off to try and attack Meena, infiltrate the Palatine, and bring Lucien into the open - well, you have Overbite. Meena's visions have lead her to an ancient book that once belonging to Lucien's mother, lead to a new way a thinking and possibly can bring the truth and power to light, that there is good within the creatures of the Dracul, especially Lucien. Not knowing exactly what she has stumbled across or how things will pan out, she certainly has her hands full trying to convince Alric Wulf not to kill Lucien or the "good kind" until she can work on her theory.

I loved Insatiable, I wanted to love Overbite. I found it a little predictable, and somewhat disappointing... I was hoping against hope, but, hey I am just a reader. The ending seemed a little rushed, but the action was good, story was good, overall this was a good to great/good book. Here is one reader hoping that there is more books that is going to continue this story on some level, I was left feeling a little jilted and very hungry.

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