Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Little bit of nothing

Well, I realize that I normally don't write much personally and I wonder if that is good or bad. A Lazy Sunday has found me reading, biking, swimming, sunning, and doing all possible to avoid housework. I found one of my favorite movies on TV.. That Thing You Do. Brilliantly written and acted, I love the cast. I am one of those people that believe in Cinema Therapy and finding meaning, inspiration, and even introspection. What is it that tugs at me every time I see this movie.. Is it the simple line done perfectly "Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed" - WOW! could it be that each character in the band has the characteristics of someone I dated, married, or am with? Yes, there was the one in the Marines.. there was the artist who thought nothing more than about himself ... the hip, thoughtful, real deep intellectual, and of course the funny guy. I think that even in movies after sometime has passed, which is your favorite changes like time and people change so do your needs and your growth in life. I can look back at the colorful cast in my life and think how nice it has been to get to know each one, and I can do it with a smile because I have been with my funny guy for the last 10 years. Hoping your life and this Sunday finds each one of you with a smile.