Friday, June 15, 2012

Review: Eliot By: Michael A. Wood, Jr

EliotEliot by Michael A. Wood Jr.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mix a dash of Dexter into the batter of Crash and you have Eliot. A gritty story filled with characters that leave you reflective long after you have finished the book.

Written between first person and third person, the style creates a greater depth as the events unfold.

"I am not a psychopath." Enter Eliot Watts, a Baltimore City Cop working on Eastern Division. Over two years ago fate intervened with a great tragedy that has set him upon his current course.

Mr. Wood delivers three dimensional characters within these pages. From a misfit cop that sees a pattern no one else wants to see or recognize, a dirty cop that once stood against everything that he has now evolved into, and a drug kingpin who holds a piece of the puzzle that keeps him safe for now.

When all these lives intercept an amazing tale comes together. From the first sentence I could not put this book down. The weaving of the storyline and the characters held me captive (often finding that I was holding my breath as I turned the pages). What defines a person, through revenge, through the ends - despite the means, and how does trauma define one. When lives are connected even in degrees of seperation, the steps it takes for the collision is one of the greatest mysteries, which is unlocked in the story of Eliot.

A must read guaranteed to make you think.

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