Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Embrace By: Jessica Shirvington

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1)Embrace by Jessica Shirvington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Violet Eden is celebrating her 17th birthday when all that she knew, all that she wanted, all the illusions she grew up with dissipates into the world of exiled angels and the secret group of Grigori.
She finds that the boy that she had a crush on, Lincoln, is Grigori and has been preparing her without her knowledge and that they "belong" together. Unfortuately for her that also means that they are not meant to be any more than companions, friends all without any intimacy. Violet also receives a letter written 17 years before by her mother, who died in chilbirth giving birth to her. The letter, the box, the bracelet are all a link to the knowledge that her mother had that this road is the road of destiny.
Violet is not to happy about having her fate predestined, she wants a choice - afterall, does she really want the veil to be removed to see the exiles as they are - angels that no longer carry light or dark, but carry a want and need to enslave humans for their pleasures and need for power.
Enter the tall, dark, beautiful stranger, Phoenix, an exile - one unlike the others, one that has true power, deep sadness, and the pure need for Violet. He also carries a deep secret.
The "embrace" happens when Violet chooses to become Grigori - and the power that becomes unleashed is something no one or being saw coming.

I really liked this book, it was quick but filled with action and adventure - I also found myself rooting for one of the gentleman (suprising even myself by doing so). I look forward to seeing what is next for Violet.

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