Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do By: Bruce and Carole Hart

Breaking Up is Hard to DoBreaking Up is Hard to Do by Carole Hart
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Two people, two different schools, two different cities - yet the first love and first breakup is common.
Julie Stillwell lives in New Jersey, she works on the school paper as a photographer and as the director of the school play. When one of the main actors gets sick she must come up with a plan to find a new replacement in under six days - enter Roy Buckley, a boy known to be smart and up to trouble. When she makes him a star, will he still find her in his light?
Sean Manning is the football star in a school in New York City. His father and coach have big plans for him, yet he is just going through the motions. That is until his crush, Sara Beth Cavanaugh starts to turn turn to him despite her still being the girlfriend of his friends that graduated a year before. Is Sara using him? After a huge injury, can he find what he is looking for?
A good story going back and forth between the characters, bringing to light not just a girl's view but a boy's as well in the crazy stage of first love and the drama included.

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