Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Once Upon A Prince By: Rachel Hauck

Once Upon a PrinceOnce Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Susanna Truitt has her life planned out. She lives in her hometown of St Simons Island in Georgia, has her landscaping degree, works part time at her family's barbeque, and her long time boyfriend Adam.
Nathaniel Kenneth is escaping the plans that have been made since his royal birth on a holiday. The kingdom of Brighton is preparing for his father's passing and his crowning.
When Adam leaves Susanna, her life long secure plans begin to crumble and a chance meeting after a flat tire with Nate begins a whole new life.
Nate hides his identity for as long as he can going as far as cleaning the restaurant bathroom, Suz decides to up and quit her job and loosen the reigns of control that she has held too tight in life and soon hearts are exposed, only to be hurt when duty calls and a 100 year old law demands marriage material.
When you plan, God laughs - a story of letting go and putting your life into His hands, trust, forgiveness, and love. Love that is giving to the point of hurt, Love that is a blossom filled with fragrant joy, and the Love God has for us.
It isn't simple or easy to get Nate and Suz together, with political plotting, with unmended hearts but with well written characters, great dialogue, and a nice storyline you will enjoy every moment.

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