Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Story Girl By: Katherine Carlson

Story GirlStory Girl by Katherine Carlson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Tracy Johnston is starting a melt down. She has turned thirty, found the best available guy in Hollywood was gay and wanting a marriage so he can hide from his parents, has no one interested in her scripts, rear ended a car, and lost her day job. All can't be that bad in the world.. afterall, it is a hotty that she is kinda into that she crashed into. James Wilson has stepped out of Tracy's dreams, but he carries some major baggage along the way - a writer, a spoiled rich boy, a runner (think Peter Pan Syndrome with a whine). Tracy runs herself from reality, to home which might be too much for her to handle. Her parents are celebrating 35 years, they live on separate floors in the house now, her grandmother has a dark secret she must release, and her sister just doesn't get her.
This is an okay book. I think the characters were somewhat unlikable - Tracy at 30 melting down every other hour it seemed, she is a bit off, and yet has a cruel streak that shows a very ugly center, James feeling weak, whiny, childlike for being 31..the story is a bit pretentious and self edifying - yet, there is humor that can be very hard to put down on paper, a wise mouth, smart alec, way of thinking (think Juno) that shows Ms. Carlson has some unexplored talent for and I hope to see in another book.

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