Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review: Flash and Dazzle By: Lou Aronica

Flash and DazzleFlash and Dazzle by Lou Aronica
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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This book is going to stay with you long after you have out it down and you are going to wonder how is it that you never heard of it or the author before this?!
This is the story of Rich Flaster and Eric Dazman, their association as work partners and deep friendship. The book is told from Flash's perspective and gives a fresh look into male bonds of friendship. Meeting Daz in college and clicking, they partner up to do campaigns around campus, find themselves inseparable, and in their twenties in New York's advertising world.
When a crisis happens and you have to take a look around, who is it that you see and what is it that you see? This is that story. The story of the depth of friendship and love that two friends have that spans years of their lives. The author does not give the reader a saccharine version, but rather one the reads true and as real as if it had jumped off the page.
I really enjoyed the characters, I found myself laughing and crying (sometimes at the same time), the writing style is fresh and honest, and the way I felt as I was reading and after I put down the book. There is a message here, will you listen to it?

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