Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Winter's Tale By: Mark Helprin

Winter's Tale (Movie Tie-In Edition)Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release the veil that covers your eyes and enter into the world created by Mr. Helprin, filled with beauty, truth, the just, and the impossible. The depth of which he will take you into this adventure, feeling lead throughout time and dimensions, and the characters leaping off the pages surrounding you - or visa versa. Vivid, brilliant, effervescent, and soulful are only a few words to describe this epic book.
So many lives intertwine over time, but the life of Peter Lake is the main link in the chain. He is a burglar who loses his heart to Beverly Penn, woman who is dying, yet sees the world in all it's glory. A secret, sacred place filled with magic, The Lake of Coheeries holds a key, as a cloud wall that can reach from the river to the sky and catch and release whatever dares enter into it appears to be a gate, a white horse, the balance of good versus evil, and the necessity of it all are all found within these pages.
This book shines, beckons the reader further into the world created and you go willingly and wonderfully let go into the prose. Warning: you will not be the same afterwards and will often want to return.

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