Sunday, February 9, 2014

Review: Lost Lake By: Sarah Addison Allen

Lost LakeLost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Those Morris women, they seemed to be cursed. Most of them at least. Wanting to marry money and marrying for love the poorest man they ever came across, except Eby – she was lucky to fall in love with a rich man, George. The Morris women also seemed cursed to lose themselves when their husbands die, neglecting everything and everyone, even their own children, except Eby .. and her great niece Kate, who just woke up after a year of mourning.
Welcome to Lost Lake in Suley, Georgia. A little cabin park Eby and her late husband George bought years ago. Years have passed, families stopped coming, and an offer to buy is on the table. Thinking that this would be a quiet summer to say goodbye flew out of Eby’s mind when Kate showed up widowed and with her 8 year old daughter,Devin in tow.
Lost Lake holds court to a woman who has no voicebox and sees the ghost of her lover who killed himself fifty years ago and never left her side, a retired literature professor who believes that endings change when you reread books, a podiatrist who finds solace in the quiet, a woman who collected husbands like a hunter and had the help of magic to catch them, and an alligator that holds mystical secrets. Misfits and free spirits, broken hearts and new loves all find their way down the gravel road to a place that heals, reveals, and gives magic in a world where you once thought there was no more left.

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