Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review: Landline By: Rainbow Rowell

LandlineLandline by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think that this book can be more 3.5 stars, but I rounded up.

Georgie McCool has made the decision to work through the holiday rather than go with her husband and children to Omaha. That decision begins to unravel what she once thought was a strong marriage and has her reevaluating everything that she has done that has gotten them to this place. Rather than return to her empty home she goes to her mothers, after repeated attempts of calling her husband's cell with no answer she finds an old telephone and calls his mothers landline -- wherein she connects with him, in the past.

What if we could connect with someone in the past, would it have changed anything, what would we tell them, what we want to let them hold on to over the years to come as the truth in their knowledge? With the ups and downs of marriage and how two different personalities came together, will the love they once had be enough to hold them through today and will the lessons of the past teach them a big one about who they are and what they truly want? Suspend your belief for a moment, sometimes the way forward is the way back. Although Georgie is a flawed character, as a reader I appreciated it in some ways because it made her much more realistic.

An easy read, but one that will grab at your heart and have you thinking and wanting to discuss -- so think book club or grab your sister for this one. It also has a nice message to it that keeps long after the last page.

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