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Review: The Awakening Of The Goddesses The Balance By: Morgan Shores

The Balance: The Awakening of The GoddessesThe Balance: The Awakening of The Goddesses by Morgan Shores
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A legend of two sisters, one the Goddess of Light, one the Goddess of Shadow, separated through time and distance. The story of a betrayal between the soul mate of Goddess of Shadow harming all, twisting all to gain more, even destroying his brother the soul mate the Goddess of Light.
The waiting is over. Lilith Nolan and Sophia Moore have reached their twenty fifth birthdays and they have awakened. So have their soul mates - for good and evil. This is a fight for the balance of the world. So many people, so many light keepers and workers, and so many secrets.
It begins with the reoccurring dream and the introduction of Lilith, a detective on the Galveston Police Force. Something strange is in the air - I am reminded of something wicked this way blows - and soon she is introduced to Sophia. They are brought together a few times and the group they know seems very familiar to each, they both receive a rare amulet passed down in each family as a present as a gift.
At this time Sophia meets and is immediately attracted to Ceron Murray - who has quite a reputation. Shadows and darkness begin to plot and make their moves for time is essential. Some crime scenes are so strange there seems to to immediate cremation of bodies at the scene, bringing Lilith in contact with a Samuel Duffy whom she has a visceral reaction to. All is revealed as the Goddesses are awakened and there is only one that has the power in their hands and has to make the choice - to bring balance back.

I liked this book, I found the tale interesting and the characters well developed. I think I really wanted more - more action, more interactions - but I think I will be getting more with another book in this series. I feel the need to warn some, that like GRRM, Shores does not fear messing with a reader a getting rid of a beloved character, but at least it's not gruesome.

*****This is a First Reads, Thank You Goodreads*****

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