Sunday, December 7, 2014

Review: The Christmas Train By: David Baldacci

The Christmas TrainThe Christmas Train by David Baldacci
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tom Langdon finds himself traveling by train because of his ban on airlines - a certain incident with a security wand- part to get to LA to his on again/off again girlfriend and the most important part to finish what his ancestor Mark Twain didn't as his dying request. Meeting so many people the train does come alive and Tom certainly feels like he might get a lot of material.
It comes as a surprise that a Hollywood bigwig Max Powers is on board and wants Tom to work with his writer and secret weapon, Eleanor Carter. Eleanor, the one who got away, no - ran away, with no explanation, the one who haunts him, and if she was honest the same. With a thief, a wedding, an avalanche these two have plenty to work with, hopefully they will work out the past to have a future, and just maybe there is an angel directing it all.
The book also contains two short stories. One that will grab at your heart, another that will peak your need for adventure.
This was a great book. I loved the story, it wasn't contrived and the words, the characters, the landscape came off the pages and enveloped me.

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