Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just A Moment for Avid Readers

I wanted to take a moment for people who love to read, there are many great sites our there that one should take advantage of - First is a great place to make friends, read reviews, see what is coming out - it also has a plethora of authors availabile to you. From blogs to short stories, this site makes visiting worth it. A must check out - the giveaways, enter to win arcs and recently released books. Another site is Filled with reviews, many contests and contest links - makes a weekly check in with this site more than worth it. What I found was - Do you have a large gathering of read books looking for a loving home? Are you looking for new releases or old favorites to put on your shelf? You will find them here. No fee to list and send books to other readers, small monthly fee of $.25 a month and the cost of postage will give you access to the ones you want. (Let's face it, paying postage of $2.00 on a $26.00 book is quite a steal) Almost every book I read can be found here, nothing like making room for more. has many giveaways, lists most of theirs on goodreads, Simon & Shuster and others occasionally have a few each month. A great tip is to be part of their mailing list for updates on new releases and contests. There are great blog sites where romance authors have a blog everyday, to have so many authors, events, chats all at your fingertips. I also recommmend - a beautiful blog written for readers by a reader. Hope to see you on these sites and hope you enjoy. If there are any that you enjoy, please send me a link. Til next time - Happy Reading