Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Sepent's Kiss By: Melissa de la Cruz

Serpent's Kiss (The Beauchamp Family, #2)Serpent's Kiss by Melissa de la Cruz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Part Two of Th e Witches of East End brings further adventure to the town of North Hampton. With Fryr's (aka Freddie) hidden return and the suspicion he has given Freya on the love of her life, Killian, and so the search for truth begins. The romance between Matt Noble and Ingrid find many bumps along the way, from escaped pixies, misunderstandings, and his non belief of magic. To enhance the plot, Joanna finds herself not just caught in a love triangle but also being commmunicated with a restless soul in need of her help and power.

With a pen guided by the power of magic the pages will turn quickly as you get lost in North Hampton awaiting the next installment. Although I do like this book and it was such a quick read, I feel that it would be best for others to get this from the library - is it worth the 24 it is listed for, quite frankly, no.

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