Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review: Stan By: Richard Wold

StanStan by Richard Wold
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stan Foster can't remember anything other then jumping off the bridge and being pulled out of the Hudson. At least that's what he thinks at first. Soon the visions of bodies, corpses, darkness fill his head. The only light seems to be the psychiatrist at the hospital that is treating his amnesia and unnamed disorder.
Abigail Petrus has a big heart and a painful past. When an enigma of a patient walks in, intelligent, no sign of mental illness, talented, but there is something - Abby let's Stan in closer, even after his release and becomes invested.
Soon Stan is reunited with his old life, as an artist and something else, something older and darker that has come to earth in human form.
Is it possible for everyone to be redeemed? Or do leopards never change their spots?

I found myself going back and forth in my head with this book and then finding a deeper question developing for discussion (wishing I read this with a book club) - and the end.... okay, I am hooked, Mr. Wold, please do not leave me hanging!! This is an original story, unique. It has a way of grabbing the reader, up and down, making you ask deeper questions as the story unfolds along with the characters. I really enjoyed this.

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