Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Lakeside Cottage By: Susan Wiggs

Lakeside CottageLakeside Cottage by Susan Wiggs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kate Livingston doesn't expect much this summer - it already has started on such a high note, being fired, her son Aaron getting testy, the rest of the family not coming to the lake home, a handsome stranger bailing her out at the grocery store when she was short of cash. Although, a big surprise of a homeless girl living in the empty home greeted Kate the moment she began unloading groceries, maybe this is where Kate should have realized the summer was going to be much different than any other.
Kate has been burned by people, has kept men away. Her son, Aaron never has had a father in his life and not much in the male role models. Aaron also has a quick temper, emotional outbursts. Kate has a big heart and her son is flawed but forgivably so. The young homeless girl, Callie, also comes with a broken past. Callie is damaged, broken, her heart, her pain, her rawness is there (I think that she is the most believable and real character in the book), yet she is a survivor, one who understands the glimmer of hope and is wise beyond her years.
JD Harris, AKA American Hero Sergeant Jordan Donovan Harris, is looking to hide away. He wants to escape the media, the backstabbers, the people that were in his life that were willing to sell a private moment to the public, the feeding frenzy that fed off of him. In one moment he became a hero and lost all rights to his life and privacy, as soon as he could, he escaped to a secluded lakeside home of his best friend where no one could find him. He was looking forward to the alone time, the anonymous life, what he didn't plan on was a beautiful redhead, her buoyant son, and an insightful girl making a summer filled with possibility if he could allow himself to dream and open up.
A great read. I found the characters had dimension, I really enjoyed the depth of some of the secondary characters and the deep honesty within them. A beach read definitely or jump start your celebration into Spring - the imagery flows off the page!

******* This is a First Reads, Thank You Goodreads *******

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