Sunday, April 20, 2014

Review: The Other Half By: Sarah Rayner

The Other HalfThe Other Half by Sarah Rayner
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A beach read, nothing more, that tells the story of infidelity through the eyes of the wife and the other woman. Intentions aren't the issue when Chloe finds herself sleeping with her boss, she didn't intend to - she didn't intend to after she knew he was married and had a child, but this isn't just a story about intentions. Maggie couldn't understand why Jamie didn't want to try for another child, spent more time away, and she felt more emotionally distanced and stressed than ever before - all they do is argue, nothing she does seems to please him, and she doesn't want to fit the puzzle together that could ruin them forever.

I found it interesting to have both sides telling their story about the same things. The growth of each woman was even rather similar in fashion (I guess if you have the same taste in men) but that was the thing...I guess, I just couldn't find the attraction in Jamie and his behavior. What would keep a woman to stay or keep trying to be his wife through ugly behavior - afterall his mistress knows he is cheating, his wife is experiencing backlash -- and he seems like a dick with little to no personality, someone who peaked in high school or college frat and that was that for emotional growth.

A quick, easy, fluff to read with one dimensional characters trying to tackle and deep subject.

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