Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review: Empire Girls By: Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan

Empire GirlsEmpire Girls by Suzanne Hayes
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*****This is a First Reads, Thank You Goodreads *****

Rose and Ivy Adams have just buried their father, found that their home is in arrears, and that they have a secret half brother in New York City. Rose, the eldest, who took the place as the adult long before her time once their mother passed, now sees the only hope of her life, the only home she has ever known going to an unknown - whereas, Ivy, the wild eyed, live in the moment, daughter who favored her father finds this as an adventure that can only bring her a piece of him at least in a way to keep him alive, and a way to get away from the sleepy town and into the big city.
With only small clues to guide them, they find themselves at Empire House, a boarding house of misfits and people with secrets of their own - some of which seem awfully close to the Asher Adams that they are in search of, but why all the secrets. The city seems too big and small, seems to draw out each one of their strengths and weaknesses, and it will either bring these two together or snap them apart forever.
Each chapter varies each girls point of view and the development is good of each one, but sometimes there is something missing, a depth - I understand the drive, but there is a skimming of time, or the character's feelings or actions. I enjoy the mystery, the sisterhood element, the time period, the secondary characters. This is a nice, quick read, a little two dimensional, but nice for easy reading.

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