Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Tease By: Amanda Maciel

TeaseTease by Amanda Maciel
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Sara Wharton finds herself re evaluating her actions that lead up to another classmate taking her life. It does help that she is forced to do this considering that she is facing some major charges in the actions that lead up to the death of Emma Putnam. Taken straight from headlines and the epidemic of bullying, this book explores the the build up and aftermath the the eyes of the perpetrator and is supposed to ask the reader to see through the black and white and into the grey.
Sara is a mean girl and her "best friend" Brielle is even worst - how is it that these people are the hierarchy of high school truly begs to wonder and adds to the belief of the dumbing down of society. I was horrified to think that a whole school would be behind these school girl antics and not stand up to them, never, not once, throughout the book, did another student hold any integrity to put these two into their place... is this how it works now?! Let me say this, never would I nor have I stood back and allowed another human being to be bullied in my presence (or even rumored about - are you a coward, say it to their face to find the truth, if you care). I am sure that the self-involved Sara would not be an easy character for any one to like or find any qualities to keep on reading. The reason for the bullying, Emma is too pretty, has too many male friends, has stolen Sara's boyfriend Dylan - yeah, a "real" keeper there.
Don't look for something deep within these pages, shallow, mean people, without boundaries that come across page after page, actions left uncheck by even adults that lack responsibility, and a rushed ending that seems as false as a tv evangelist selling redemption for the price of $17.99 - I really loved the documentary Bully and recommend it if you are looking for insight.

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