Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Driving With The Top Down By: Beth Harbison

Driving with the Top DownDriving with the Top Down by Beth Harbison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Three females find themselves on a trip down 1-95. Colleen Bradley owns a business that restores and refurbishes finds, this is a trip she needs - troubles at home, worries in her marriage, but she finds that she has to care for her troubled niece Tamara on this journey and wonders how this escape is going to go well. Tamara has lost her mother, has a father that isn't interested in her, finds herself making bad choices over and over, and is between spiraling and being lost, how can she remove the walls she built to even let her aunt get to know who she is, when she doesn't. By some strange chance of fate, Colleen bumps into her old best friend from college, Bitty Nolan, who is at the end of her rope, where the reflection of what came to be is not what could have been. As they travel secrets and decisions come out and they soon find out that the best thing is to enjoy life with the top down, experiencing it completely.
Grab your sisters, your girlfriends, cousins, even your book club - this is the one you all are going to have fun reading. This is a girl's book. A beach read. It touches on the the heart of us, the vulnerable side of us, the insecurities, the part the keeps us strong, and has us not just finding a rainbow but making one.

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