Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review: Raising Cubby By: John Elder Robinson A Tale of Father's Love

Raising Cubby   By: John Elder Robinson                   
A Tale of Father's Love                                                                                    4/5

Mr. Robinson has let readers into his world of Asperger's with previous novels, this time he gives us a more 'intimate' glimpse into parenting. He has Asperger's which is a high functioning on the autistic spectrum and so is his son, Cubby.
From the moment Cubby is born, there is no doubt there is a deep love, but there is a deep fear - like drawing a sharpie mark to make sure that the right child will come home with him. After signs begin to develop, Robinson, who lacked an understanding or community of learning took his son from public school and enrolled him into Montessori. He encouraged learning, field trips that often involved getting past security, he understood the obsessive drive that his son developed in learning all there was in chemistry. It is that obsessive drive that lead the ATF and FBI to their home and charges pressed against a teen boy with needs that deemed him dangerous. We go through the trail - which I personally am appalled even occurred, it shows a lack of education in our Judical system and a waste of tax dollars.
Throughout the book a universal story emerges, the story of a father wanting to do what is best for their child, wanting better than they did, hoping it was and that it makes a difference.

Because Mr. Robinson does have Aspberger's his writing can be tedious and weighty, very detailed - overtly so and sometimes you have to take a break from the book - but you want to finish this one, it's worth it.

I received this book from Blogging For Books for this review