Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: Heroes Are My Weakness By: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Heroes Are My WeaknessHeroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Annie Hewitt came back to Peregrine Island to fulfill the stipulation of the agreement of the sixty days on the island in order to keep the house and to find out about the cryptic message her mother gave her before her death saying that the legacy could be found there. Doing puppet shows certainly didn't pay for her mother's bills and now drowning in debt, this is the only place she can run to and hopefully find the answers that she has been looking for.
She wasn't expecting the cold winter wind to blow from Harp House the boy from the past, the one that now stood brooding and out of a fantasy and novel. Too bad they have a not too pleasant past of sweet first love, sweet kisses along the beach followed by torture and irrational behavior - under those perfect hooded eyes lies a psychopath - at least that is how Annie remembers it.
Theo Harp needed to hide away, brood in his guilt. Unfortunately for him a woman emerged from the girl he once loved, puppets in hand, strength and too many questions. She brings happiness with her - to others, with him she is cool and frustrating, and makes him feel alive.
A series of break ins and threats occur against Annie, at first she suspects Theo, but after someone takes a shot at her, she has no choice but to trust him. When the two come close the sparks come and the unraveling the the past makes wounds bleed - hopefully, they have enough to heal.
There is also a nice secondary story that comes into play with the puppets and puppet therapy with a small child that won't talk because of the domestic violence that she has witnessed - this story is wonderful, integral also for the character development, but I found, personally, so touching.
I really enjoyed this book. It has a part gothic feel, part mystery/thriller, part romance. The fact that this takes place on an island in winter gives the desolate feel throughout the book, the attacks and who and why lasted all the way (and normally I am very good at picking out the whodunit, everyone I thought I was wrong - pleasantly so), the complication of the characters - their past, the years that have gone by, who they are now, and all the secrets revealed - give a depth to the relationship. This book is great as a personal read, book club read, and everything in between - I really think you will enjoy.

Oh, Annie, Heroes Are My Weakness too - so glad I got to read your story.

*****This is A First Reads, Thank You Goodreads*****

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