Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Chose the WRONG Guy, Gave Him the Wrong FINGER By: Beth Harbison

Chose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong FingerChose the Wrong Guy, Gave Him the Wrong Finger by Beth Harbison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Quinn Barton was ready to walk down the aisle in minutes, when the groom's brother gave her news of the truth that she just had been ignoring. That evening she took off for a couple days with him. That was ten years ago. That was when they left town and she stayed making wedding dresses for other women.
Fate has brought Burke (her ex) and Frank (his brother) back into town for their grandmother's wedding. And Quinn has found that she can't avoid any of it because she agreed to do the dress.
A beach read, filled with humor, heartbreak, and some insight - "Fairy Tales die hard in the minds and hearts of some girls." But don't look to deep for a third dimension in these characters. Quinn for the most part I didn't even like, except when she was with her friend Glenn - who had more insight than anyone and was a minor character unfortunately.
Want to feel good, have a little laugh and HEA - this is a good read for that fix.

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