Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Review: Dr Who The Blood Cell By: James Goss

Review: Dr Who The Blood Cell                                      4.5/5

By:  James Goss


A prison set into an asteroid in far off reaches has found a new prisoner - Prisoner 428. He wants to be called the Doctor. The book is told in the Governor's point of view, which leaves the mystery still unfolding to the very end.
The prison is far from HomeWorld and the TransNet is experiencing major problems. Soon hard decisions will have to be made on whether to release level 7 from the prison itself to allow them a chance to the nearest colony and the rest experience the slow death. The clock is ticking and the outages or increasing. And Prisoner 428 keeps escaping from his cell. He also keeps getting a visitor, Clara, who brings a freshness and fight that can't be denied.

There is something deeper and darker lurking, something that was placed into the prison when it was built - and it is feeding. This is where secrets have to be unearthed before time runs out, because the killing has already begun.

This was quite a thriller Dr Who. It had the wonderful Whovian pieces to it, but it also contained a thriller element that kept you on edge - was this because of the pov, maybe, the storyline, possibly - but this one is a definite must read for any fan.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for a review.