Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review: 10:10 Life To It's Fullest By: Daniel Hill

10:10: Life to the Fullest10:10: Life to the Fullest by Daniel Hill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To live life to it's fullest, it takes faith - and that faith can be broken down into faith and fear, faith and intimacy, and faith and mission. Daniel Hill explores each of these, spends time, guides the reader with the closer understanding to living life to it's fullest.
We, the reader, are reminded through scripture and the promises made - to fear not, and gain a deeper faith - to get closer to God, to let Him inside - by going through fear and becoming intimate with God, we can be used for His Kingdom and make a true difference in the world.

This isn't just a book to read, but one asking you to take that leap, to practice, and therefore come into the fulfillment that has been promised to you. I think that Daniel Hill wrote this in a way that made the reader want to do just that, from the beginning he holds your attention - you will want to re read this one. He does spend more time on the mission part, but that is the part that he is in and excited about.

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