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Review: How To Survive Your Sisters By: Ellie Campbell

How To Survive Your SistersHow To Survive Your Sisters by Ellie Campbell
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How is it that sisters can bring you apart and put you back together? They are the pieces of the best and the worst, the history and the future of you; the ones who know your next move, your thoughts, and your deep secrets (sometimes); and they drive you MAD!
The MacLeod sisters are no different. Their parents Peggy - who will talk to anyone and overshare and Callum - despite his drinking problem has a good heart and painful past, has certainly brought together a combination within their girls.
Avril is the eldest, the one with the posh job who has little time for much other than her career and Richard, her unhappily married lover. She holds herself at a distance emotionally and also holds the past as a deep wound never to be spoken about so in that silence she finds solace in drinking and running away.
Milly is the mother, the one who lives close to home, who has the husband, Ivor (the Invisible - since he works so much), has the children, and has the unfortunate home and body of neglect. In Milly's search for perfection, in her comparison to her sisters, she finds herself lacking, begin to take diet pills and neglect her children (especially her teen daughter).
Natalie is the perfectionist, the reason all the sisters have come together is for her perfect wedding to her perfect man, Jeremy, who belongs to the perfect family. But Natalie herself harbors a secret and something inside her has conformed to a life of perfection as deemed by the man she is going to marry rather than being her self. As the date gets closer, the more ashamed she becomes of her family and their behavior, when an emergency occurs it is her actions and those of Jeremy's and his family's that shame her more. Will she answer her heart or keep on the road to the perfection?
Hazel the free spirit that traverses around the world only to show up at a fitting at the last minute with the girls old neighbor and boy next door Matt. Only Hazel could send these kind of ripples, Milly once dated Matt, Natalie appears to hate Matt, but Peggy and Callum see only the son they "adopted". Hazel gives a fig about what others think or want, or at least that's what she wants you to think. When Hazel finds out a deeply hidden family secret, she runs away - but she has to realize that no matter how far she goes, there is no running from who you are and from where you come from.

I laughed and cried, I yelled and got frustrated, found myself shaking my head and clicking my tongue -- anyone with sisters - or even cousins as close as sisters, knows these girls. I really enjoyed my time with the MacLeods it is no surprise that this book is written by two sisters. Great book for the Summer, for the Beach, and to enjoy with your own family (be careful discussing it).

*****This is A First Reads, Thank You Goodreads*****

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