Monday, June 2, 2014

Review: I Dated This Guy Once... By: Toni Rae

I Dated This Guy Once ...I Dated This Guy Once ... by Toni Rae
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Toni Rae lets the reader into her life, into the adventure and failings of dating, and the mind and wisdom of love through the eyes of experience.
I think that I could give this book closer to a 3.5 stars. Filled with brutal honesty and a woman's truthful search of love and of the definition of herself through the high school sweetheart to twenty six. As her friends and family find "the one", marry, settle down, and have a family - Toni is off exploring, meeting people, and refusing to settle. She has faith to guide her, but the insight that she is not done growing is the best part - the journey that she takes the reader on is one that I am glad she decided to share. She has bared herself to us, hopes, dreams, the mistakes, pitfalls, and the joys - which makes this one a true gem of a book.
Now, sometimes she can come across as full of herself and that's okay - I took it as her age, and then she will surprise you with such wisdom far beyond her years that makes you question your philosophy, and that's what is wonderful.

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