Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review: Winds of Salem By: Melissa de la Cruz

Winds of Salem: A Witches of East End Novel (The Beauchamp Family #3)Winds of Salem: A Witches of East End Novel by Melissa de la Cruz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First and foremost - I HOPE this is not the end of this series. I have loved and enjoyed it and want more.
Picking up right where Serpent's Kiss left off - Freya has been sucked back into time, the seventeenth century to be exact and to Salem. This time if she dies, she will not come back. The fabric of travel and time have somehow been warped. Freddie has leads on his trident and uses the pixies for help, even if his marriage to Gert is falling apart. Ingrid's past pops up as she has to resolve herself with the Sophia Loren look a like that is the mother of his child.
Enter the world of the Norse Gods and Goddesses, where bridges and time can be traveled and explored. Where amazing men Killian, Loki, Thor, Fryr leaving you wanting more. A story of love throughout time in Norm and Joanna.
I found the amazing story that held on it's own with the Salem hysteria that swept the area. I think that one would really like something new and a bit different, yes, it is an easy read, but very pleasurable. One thought though, borrow it or get it from the library, it is $24 and could easily be replaced with a book you really want for $17.

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