Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Bits of Broken Glass By: Martha Reynolds

Bits of Broken GlassBits of Broken Glass by Martha Reynolds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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West Alton High School in Rhode Island is gathering together for it's 25th Reunion for the Class of 1988. For some it's a chance to show off, others to prove something, a few have some amends to make - but in this book, we meet five complicated people, whose lives for better or worse have somehow been influenced by one or all.
Joe Travera, who is gay, victimized and assaulted in high school, went on to be a Hollywood director. Yet Joe's life is missing something and when a few personal crisis occur, he knows the strength he holds to stand tall and face what made him leave home all those years ago.
Cherry Weiss (Patel) former cheerleader, popular girl, finds herself looking at her own mortality battling an aggressive cancer. She decides to hold the reunion, does all the work even as she undergoes a double mastectomy. Her search is on a deeper level than any other attending, if she can make it to November.
Scott Hunter is one of those people that never change, just got older. Now on a pension due to an injury he claimed he got while he worked for the Fire Department, he scams and drinks, lives in the same town and remembers what a big shot he once was. He hopes the reunion might be the thing to recapture his "glory days".
Suzanne Fitch (Thomas) is the girl who everyone knew and everyone was friends with or so it seemed. Now she finds herself married with children but in an empty house more often than not. She has been the keeper of secrets both new and old, will she let them out at the reunion especially when a few need to be told?
Kellie Blunt (Campbell) was the wallflower, the forgotten poor girl, whose half brother murdered their mother. Her life has been through bruises, battles, and scarred more ways than one. With a new face, a great job, a new lease on life, what scars from the past are holding her back from going to the reunion, what is she or who is she afraid to face and why?

Well written, each character very developed. The build up was great, ending tasteful and perfect! Loved it! Those of you that have endured High School will find something in this to connect to, especially if you have put some years between then and now.

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