Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review: The Witch's Get By: Diana Janopaul

The Witch's GetThe Witch's Get by Diana Janopaul
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An extraordinary story. An otherworldly narrator begins her story, letting us, the reader know, it is a snippet of her life, that she was a liar from necessity and very good at it - but she has no need of it now. Samantha, "Mancy", the village healer, although she wishes not to be called that, for it is only a step closer to the whisper of being called a witch, has kept to herself. The intuition she listens to, the herbs and flowers she gathers, the dreams that guide her - she knows these things are dangerous, knows first hand..from her mother to the woman she studied under, so she never wants coin or attention.
That changes one night, when a man is brought to her gravely injured by his brother, left to heal or die. With her determination she works fervently to heal him and begins to weave a lie even she can not escape - that he is her long, lost husband, William. He is there to heal her too. But soon the whispers begin and witch is muttered.. it might be too late.
Expressive and descriptive, powerful writing in an original story. The reading is so pleasant, like Irish lilt is to the ear. Ms. Janopaul has a voice, I am listening and looking forward to more.

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