Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: The Heart of a Duke By: Victoria Morgan

The Heart of a DukeThe Heart of a Duke by Victoria Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a new romance author on the shelves to enjoy and her name is Victoria Morgan!!!

Lady Julia Chandler is tired of waiting, there are bets at Whites about her engagement. When she hears that the Duke is back in town, she races over to meet and confront him. Lord Daniel Bryant is back from America and accosted by his twin brother's fiancee with a kiss that will not escape his memory. A case of mistaken identity, but not a mistake.
Daniel spent ten years away after an attempt on his life. A cryptic letter brought him back and a young girl he once knew has grown up to bring life back into his beating heart, it seems like his to do list has gotten very long :
1. Stop Julia from marrying his brother, Edmund
2. Find out who tried to kill him
3. Rebuild Lakeview Manor
4. Find out who is currently trying to kill him
5. Find out what the cryptic letter "claiming destiny" is about
6. Get Julia to marry him

Shouldn't be too hard.

Love. Love. Love. You will not just fall for Daniel and Julia, the quick wit, the way they are matched for each other, or the storyline filled with action, adventure, and romance (and great back stories for the characters), but you also fall for the secondary characters like Robbie, Brett, Emily, and more.

This is an author to look and keep and eye out for - fresh and talented, you'll be sure to enjoy!

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