Monday, December 9, 2013

Review: ?How Can My Hate Help Me Love? How to Build the Feelings You Want By: M Cruz & Gregg Loy

How Can My Hate Help Me Love: How to Build the Feelings You WantHow Can My Hate Help Me Love: How to Build the Feelings You Want by Gregg Loy
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Can the strong emotion of hate be guided to change your thinking and turn your life to good? The basis is working on Core Catharsis - asking questions, changing scenarios - But maybe I am getting ahead of myself.
I must say I was a little skeptical and felt that it was important not just to read the book, but to put the exercises into action to truly write a review. With the Holiday season full force, this is very simple to do - finding yourself at your boiling point as people shove into you in line, reaching from behind to that perfect last gift on the shelf.. this is one of the reasons why I see car accidents everywhere in the parking lots, the rush for a space, my usual response would be to push back, scratch back as the boiling over had been reached. Okay, I decided to take the steps, to use the exercises I had practiced, I kept cool. My family looked at my response and followed and we have had great shopping experiences (even in the craziness of others). This has spilled over in other areas too.
I think the book is easy to read, funny at times, goes over details in different ways multiple times so that the idea is understood, the exercises are helpful, and the results - well, they are there.

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